The Best Work at Home Job is Yours

And now for my favorite work at home opportunity:
Google'sSBI Program

The job that you can create for yourself is really the best job out there! You do the research and create your own job. Learning how to do this is easy, inexpensive, and reliable. Are you ready to try? If you think you are interested in learning how to start a website:

Work at Home with Google's Site Build It! Program--Begin with the Video Tour
Yes, you can do this and still get divorced. It's more of a hobby until you are technically making money. The best time is definitely now, when you are seeking solid info on work at home opportunities. You will learn how building an online business can be profitable (and Google gives you the tools to decide which of your ideas would be profitable), satisfying(you build it at your pace), and easy(there is a guide that takes you through the steps of the process). You will have access to an online community of members who are also building, and many tools to assist in your progress.

The process takes time, but you are ready because you need a way to build some income steadily, and as you learn more about your new needs and desires in life you will accept the fact that most people are unhappy in their jobs and lives. The only way to overcome your own unhappiness is to create happiness on your own terms. Fortunately, SBI has done this for me. Take a look and decide for yourself if you can spend 10 hours a week for a long term investment in yourself.

Here's the SBI Action Guide Information so you can see the steps for yourself!

Best of luck to you on your search for success. You can always contact me with any questions you may have about SBI using my contact form below. You can also read more information about SBI on my next page in this work at home series--SBI Page

Remember, it does cost money to run my Site Build It website(free websites are generally poorly made and run), but with some affiliate income coming in from links on my site, I generate income now. The best websites out there don't compare to what Site Build It! is doing because of the tools I've been given. If you want more information about this, I'd be happy to discuss it further.

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More Ways to Work at Home

There are so many ways to work at home, so I will list a few that have worked for me over the years. Some folks like going to work in an office building or going to a place that they consider a "real" job. And others really would prefer to stay at home and work when it's convenient for them. Many stay at home parents try to work when the children are sleeping, or provide some kind of service to trade.

I have news for you! From the time I was little, I have always found the best jobs, and have helped lots of people find jobs they love also. And it's important to be creative and find good resources when you are divorcing.

If you are short on money, you may wish to try some bartering. This might work well for someone who might want to stay home with kids--maybe you could find another person and swap babysitting times.

Maybe there is an elderly person you could assist? You could buy the person's groceries or help them in the home, cook meals, do laundry, or anything that the person may need.

Start a book club for kids and run it--ask for a fee for dropping off the kids.

Begin some kind of cottage industry work--create your product from home. Sew, knit, crochet, create.

Food, desserts--cater a small party to get your feet wet.

Consulting--if you are good at a particular job, do it from home with referrals.

Education--tutoring...there is a lot of prep work, but the pay can be good.

Music--give lessons or group lessons, either in a music shop or in your/your client's home.

Fix something--handyman work pays pretty well.

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