What is the maximum time the court of law takes for finalizing a divorce case?

by Jay

My marriage took place 7 months ago. Post marriage, I came to know about some dark secrets my wife had hidden. My wife eventually spilled the beans very honestly--she has told me she wants to marry someone else. So, I have decided to file for divorce. As we both want to end this relationship, I don't see any problem. However, we would like to do it as quickly as possible, so we both can start our new lives. Can you tell me how long the process will take?

Real-Divorce Comments:
Thanks for your question. Of course, you want to get on with your life! The "system" is in place to keep people from running out of their marriages too quickly, however, you can still have a quickie divorce if you really want one.

In NJ, for an uncontested and amicable divorce, when I last checked, a couple can get a divorce after 18 months living apart. That may be too long for you, and if it is, you have some choices.
One is to live apart and stay married, just biding your time to hit the 18 month mark, then file for divorce in NJ. One other is to have a fault-based divorce in which one of you sues the other as the grounds for divorce, such as not sleeping together for 12 months or adultery. You can still do your divorce uncontested for any of these options, just do your homework first.

If you want to use an uncontested divorce, which could very well save you a lot of money, the best companies are listed on my sitemap.

If your wife has a conscious, she should not attempt to get alimony or property (unless there is good reason), but that is a possibility. Always seek legal counsel before making big decisions. Avvo is a great way to do that on the NJ divorce page or the attorneys page.

Oh, and, most courts in NJ can do a divorce in a few weeks or months, depending on how backed up the courts are. Just call the county court house where you will get divorced to ask the timeframe. They usually know.

Best of luck to you, Jay.

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