What Is Alimony?

What Is Alimony? There are a few types of alimony;

  • Temporary Alimony,
  • Permanent Alimony,
  • Rehabilitative Alimony,
  • Lump Sum Alimony,
  • Reumbursement Alimony.

Some states call alimony other names, like "maintenance," "spousal maintenance," or "spousal support." Find out which kind you might qualify or pay for, resources all for FREE here at Real-Divorce.com!

First, what can alimony be used for? The basic definition of alimony is money paid to the recipient that is for her use only(as opposed to child support, which is for children and some family expenses), usually to bring a recipient's income up if there is a big discrepancy between the spouse's incomes.

What are the Types of Alimony?

Going back to the types I just mentioned, I'll explain each in greater detail.
  • Temporary Alimony: This type of alimony is only used during a separation and is often referred to as "pendente lite." When two spouses work out an agreement or the courts order it, this type of alimony can be used.
  • Permanent Alimony,
  • Rehabilitative Alimony,
  • Lump Sum Alimony,
  • Reumbursement Alimony.

Making an Alimony Agreement That is Legal

Anything you negotiate during your divorce that you want to become legal must be in writing and filed with the courts. This means that if you come to a working agreement with your spouse, (and this can be beneficial to BOTH of you to do beforehand, as the cost of litigation is very high and negotiating on your own may actually REDUCE your bills) and have an alimony amount, alimony type, and a timeline for the alimony, then you must get that information into a legally binding document ASAP.

Ladies, if you CAN do this, Halleluia! It's difficult to get men to pay alimony without courts intervening. Plus, the man has to be able to make enough money to support himself, child support, and then pay alimony in order to actually have it work. Don't worry about how much he makes yet if it's close, but do ask for alimony IF you believe you are entitled.

Men, you must realize that women often make less money or stay home to support the family, and their incomes do not reflect the current trend to have both partners working. And, there are states where fault is considered in the making of alimony decisions. So, don't spend a lot of time fighting, just understand that you may have to pay it if you are financially able.

You put all of your particulars into a specific document. Because each state is different, there are various names of this document. If you are filing for an online divorce using Legalzoom or Rocketlawyer, then the document may be included in the package. You can process temporary alimony petition before you actually get divorced. Otherwise, the other types of alimony are usually decided upon during the actual divorce and are then spelled out in the divorce decree.

A Property Settlement Agreement, a Marital Settlement Agreement, or a Case Information Statement are some of the names of these important documents that you need to make alimony legally binding.

How Can I Find Out More About Alimony?

First, you can share any good alimony information you find out on our Real-Divorce Forums in the Alimony section. Then, anyone who reads your story will benefit. I thank you for sharing it and hope you will gain good insight there!

Next, do get some consults from qualified attorneys. One way to do this online is to use the Avvo Box. It's free, I've used it repeatedly and always find the answers helpful and clear. You may even find an attorney this way if you chose a contested divorce. But good luck either way.

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