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I have looked around, and found few exceptional therapy for children resources. However, this one is a gem! A program that matches curiousity with wit, this "overcoming anxiety" tool kit is essential to any parent with a child with anxiety, separation anxiety, depression, or obsessive compulsive disorder.

Anxiety Symptoms and Therapy for Children

You may have noticed some changes in your child's behavior, possibly due to your divorce. If so, your child may require some therapy for children, if he/she does any of the following:

  • Sweat when on the spot?
  • Try to hide when he/she is afraid to be called on or if someone focuses on him/her?
  • Clam up and withdraw?
  • Get nervous when you are separating, like if going to school, a sitter, the other parent, or if you are going to work or on an errand?
  • Seem depressed sometimes?
  • Have panic attacks or anxiety attacks?
  • Have OCD behaviors, like repetitively turning the lights on and off a set number of times, or repetitive handwashing issues?
If this sounds like your child, even if it's only part of the time, it's best to assist and give your child some anxiety-busting tools!
Help your worried child

Treatment of Anxiety in Children

Again, if you are pretty sure your child has some anxiety symptoms or general fears, it's a good idea to get some help at home. Going to a counselor can be a great idea, and I would never dissuade anyone against it. However, I've always had better results working at home because so many counselors have their own personal biases, that they work against your family sometimes.

The best treatment of anxiety in children I've found is the Turnaround Program. It's at-home therapy for children that works. I have the program myself, and still listen to the CDs. Anxiety in children, separation anxiety, panic attacks, depression, and obsessive compulsive disorder can all have a root in a child's parent's divorce. The Turnaround Program was written with that in mind.

A Review of the Turnaround Program--Real Therapy for Children

Cure Child Anxiety
The characters in Turnaround are all likeable, realistic children with anxiety issues. I've known quite a few just like some of them. My own daughter related most to Madison. Yet, all of the six characters, who go out on a 10 day camping trip to overcome their fears, really grow on you!

Emily, a seasoned veteran of the program, takes on the role of a peer leader to help the six children face their fears, while Drs. Chris and David give useful information throughout, like defining an important term, providing empathetic support, or humor.

Many other characters, like Krank, and Chill, give a child's feelings more definition. The child's fear or anxiety must be named in order to eliminate it, so the child will speak to the fear directly when it comes up.

The most amazing thing about this program is the way the humor really reaches the child (and the adult) to remind or push him/her in the right direction! Because I've listened to the complete program, I can remind my daughter that Krank is getting her anxious, and she can bring some Chill into the scene instead. I am so thankful for this program because it's helping my daughter to put words on some emotions that were really too overwhelming to her before, and this was really frustrating as a parent because I wanted to help her and couldn't!

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