Spousal Support Modification

Spousal Support Modification can happen, as either party can petition the other to go back to court to make a change.

What are acceptable reasons to petition the courts though?

  • The Spousal Support Recipient has had a promotion, disability, or medical issue.
  • Spousal Support Recipient is living with a new partner or cohabitating, possibly even with a same sex friend, if the home/rent expenses are shared.
  • The payor has a major life change in job, disability, or medical issue that is NOT his fault.

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How Can an Attorney Help Your Alimony Case?

Attorneys can be a big help, for free consults and opinions especially. Get as much help as you can before you put anything in writing! Do you homework, this is free, and no personal information is required to use this resource. Be aware of what your rights are. Use this box to access real attorneys who can further answer any of your important questions concerning spousal support modification.

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