Why SBI Could Be "The" Answer

SBI has become the reason, the resource, and the answer, and simply has the best almost free websites available on the web. Maybe you, like about 72% of Americans, wish they could also work from home?

Compare Sitesell! and see why over 10,000 business owners use it!

Working at home seems as natural as working out of the home because it's now part of my lifestyle. I wanted to work from home so I could stay home with my children. For me, SBI has become the answer, because I have been able to change my lifestyle.

Solo Build It! is a great resource for making money with Google or Adsense. It's up to you to decide. I've tried part-time work that placed me out of my home doing tutoring, and I've tried sales from an online business. Good income with tutoring--but sales is sporadic. And I always had the prep work, and had to keep tutoring or I wasn't getting paid.

I wanted something more steady, but with a proven reputation. I was only going to line myself up with a business opportunity that had a space for me in it, with a community of members, such as Solo Build It! forums. When I checked out the big names in web hosting, there was no comparison. The business had to have all the tools I'd need, and be a reasonable expense every month.

For anyone with a limited income, this is really important! Even if you are divorcing, Solo Build It! is a good choice, because you can begin your website as a hobby, and turn it into a monetized site later.

So, I found Solo Build It!, which allows owners to create the website of their choice (not duplication). For a $25/month fee, literally everything is included with the website--the hosting, web search tools, traffic information, traffic building, and templates (which can be used, or you can upload your own html pages). Yahoo's fees are more and they give nothing to help you build traffic. SBI gives the info on HOW to build the site concerning the content and covers everything.

These are the Pros of using Google's website building program. There are numerous others I haven't mentioned. You follow a ten step action guide, provide good quality content to readers, and align reputable products, affiliate links, and adsense into your site. That's it!

I suppose there may be some cons...the only one I've found so far, is that there is so much to know, and many places to find the answers. Even so, SBI does a great job showing owners where the information is. There is also an Action Guide which details the ten steps to building the business. This is easy to follow, made for average, non-business people, so many details are given.

The information is so useful, it was just what I was looking for for many years...to take control of my finances, build a business that was truly mine, and give me the flexibility I'd need to be with my kids.

Work At Home with SBI--Get started on the 30 day risk-free trial!

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