Sample Separation Agreement

Sample Separation Agreements can help many couples begin the separation or divorce process. Whether you are grieving about or initiating the separation, it's important that you ensure your own future protections and those for your children, if you have children.

The best thing to do is read--read here, get library books, find any resources you can. DIY legal is becoming more and more popular, because the information is available, and if you and your ex can be calm enough to agree to split things fairly, you will also have a DIY divorce.

Separation is a difficult transition. Some couples may save their marriage. Most will follow through and get divorced. Unfortunately, for our culture, the age of romance has brought us a sense of personal entitlement. So, when things get rough, many people simply leave the relationship and find another. Or chase a dream. Most people do not stay and work positively on the relationship. So, person to person, if you have been "left", do yourself some good, and find new things you like to do, and regain your sense of self and balance.

If you are leaving, make sure you are not just repeating the same problems you already have.

As far as WHAT to do now, there are a few steps I would consider:
  • Get some free consults with lawyers about your case! Ask your important questions now, rather than later. Use our partner, Legal Match, to find appropriate attorneys with the specialties you want.
  • Close joint accounts, and open new accounts.
  • Find out if your state recognizes a legal separation, and file the paperwork. If you have worked out the property division already, the filing of the legal separation will make the process smoother and faster when it's actually time to file for divorce.
  • Change your will immediately, so that anything that is yours will be left to someone you trust or in trust for your children.
  • Change your beneficiary information on all accounts, like pensions, 401K, 403B, IRAs, bank accounts, to someone you trust.
  • Change your living will, so that your ex is unable to make medical decisions for you.
  • Plan how you will divide your property and belongings, and how you will split custody and visitation of your children. More on this to come soon.

Find A Sample Separation Agreement Form Online

A few of the top Online Legal Forms companies do offer some samples or demos of their products. The one I like the best is, because their demo is quickly available, and you can see that it is top quality.

You may be able to access a variety of forms, such as sample separation agreements, divorce forms, name change forms, etc... all by registering or logging in. The site is a great place to get your forms done, as they offer mediation services included in their package, along with many ebooks and learning materials. They also offer a lot of customer support, which is really helpful for a Do It Yourself divorce customer.

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