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Here's the Rocket Lawyer Review that so many divorcing spouses are asking for: Uncontested divorce is difficult enough. You are here because you are either comparing a few online divorce paperwork services, or you are sure you'd like to order with already. You are in luck, though, because I've taken the time to review how stands up to my tough standards, because I've actually done my own divorce.

How could help you with your online divorce? This Rocket Lawyer Review should clear up any misconceptions you may have had and set you on the right track!

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Well, I've checked them out, and found that they do offer a great way to obtain online divorce forms if the divorce is an uncontested divorce and you have already divided the property and custody.

  • They ask you to pay a monthly fee, rather than a flat fee per document, but the good news is that you will then have access to many (now) free divorce papers and forms. You can complete your will, a living will, and lots of other important docs in the comfort of your own home, without expensive attorney fees! The fee is very reasonable, at $19.95/month for personal documents, and you can either renew monthly, or purchase a yearly membership for only $99.95. That's $8.33 a month! This is a great deal! (If you will take more than 5 months, you might as well pay the yearly fee and get the year to complete your uncontested divorce documents and any other paperwork.

  • And, this is probably the only service I know of that offers a free document for trying them out. (They won't give you free divorce papers--like the actual divorce petition, but you really can't lose by signing up to try the free document)!

  • Go to to SAVE money:
    Get $20 Off Your Legal Needs with a Total Legal Careā„¢ Plan from Rocket Lawyer

  • You sign up for the free document or through the plan, and you download the software. You type your info yourself.

  • Revisions: Because you are typing and saving, you are in control and don't need to ask permission or bother anyone to help you with making changes.

  • has a BBB rating of A+, so you know you can trust them. They also offer a discounted rate on attorneys if you purchase the plan.

  • Note: Theoretically, if you had to purchase the documents separately, it could be much more expensive (for example, purchasing the online divorce documents, property settlement agreement, parenting documents, last will, living will, name change docs, etc...) so my belief is that anyone can save money using, as long as the person uses the membership well and prepares the uncontested divorce documents in a timely fashion.

  • Let me say that again: For only $8.33 a month, you can do all your own legal documents at home using If you were to pay someone else to complete them for you, you would pay A LOT more.
  • If you need business docs, then the fees are $39.95/month, or $299.95 yearly. This link will give you the offer I just mentioned (however, if you visit the site directly, the price is higher):

  • Save up to 90% off your legal bills

Rocket Lawyer Review Summary: Overall, using would be an amazing money saver, especially while money is getting tight! I think this company would work best for those who:
  • are sure they are filing for an uncontested divorce (pro se),

  • need very reasonable fees,

  • want more control of the process of filing for divorce, have a very specific timeframe until filing time (a shorter separation) may work best for the monthly fee, otherwise, the yearly fee would be better.

The only con in this Rocket Lawyer Review is not related to divorce documents specifically. The Just Ask widget box, where you can ask an attorney a question: They say it is free, however, you must provide your credit card information in order to obtain the answer. This widget is not the same product as the Rocket Lawyer forms, however, it is enticing to try the box, but then get disappointed to be led to a surprise fee to have your question answered.

Please note, the Avvo box on my site is completely free, no strings attached! Get all your important questions answered in it, and have attorneys reply from your area. Your questions will not end anytime soon, so get used to using this Avvo Box after you are done reading the Rocket Lawyer Review! recommended reading:
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