Pregnant and getting divorced

by Cammie

I am currently 31 weeks pregnant and in the middle of a divorce (in Colorado). We are currently filling out our parenting plans and such and I was wondering when filling out the information on child support, do I include the unborn child with our other child, or do I just fill it out for our daughter and then after the baby is born fill out another child support form? Also my (husband) did not respond to the divorce papers so when I file the separation agreement and other papers do I have to send him copies or do I just file them with the court?

Real-Divorce comments: Thanks for your very good questions. First, whenever you file divorce paperwork, I believe you can ask that the courts "serve" your husband the papers. However, you may also do this yourself by puttig them through certified mail, so that you have a record that you mailed them and he received them. If he defaults, then the divorce process takes a little longer.

About child support, there must be a living baby to ask for child support (as some babies do die or are born stillborn). You should file a separate form for the baby once it is born.

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