The role of paralegals in divorce

Some people think that they will be able to use paralegals to prepare his/her divorce documents. I spent a little time finding out how this works, and unfortunately, was not able to come up with a good list of PLs who work independently of attorneys.

Generally, paralegals provide a prep work type of service, under the guidance of an attorney. It seems they do not usually get involved with legal matters such as a divorce because of the implications if a mistake is made--they may not wish to get sued.

Also, PLs are not regulated the way other professionals are, so they are open to more problems if not working directly with an attorney. So, unfortunately, I do not know of any that do divorces for individuals.

Please see more information on doing your divorce yourself, or a pro se divorce on my Divorce Forms page. If you are looking to have quality documents prepared for you, you will find great information there, yet, if you prefer to file for divorce pro se, you can also find out how.

I filed pro se and prepared the documents myself, but I try to offer the pros and cons of the myriad of ways you can file. If you find I've left something out, let me know!

Of course, you should always get free information whenever you can, from experienced divorce attorneys. This link to will provide you with information from attorneys: Need a Divorce Lawyer?

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