Do It Yourself Divorce

Congratulations, and I'm sorry, at the same time...You are ready for the DIY Divorce (Do It Yourself Divorce) if you have gathered up all of your divorce paperwork and completed the following:

Found out if your state offers a Legal Separation?

Reviewed your Assets and Liabilities,

Gone to a Mediator,

Had some free consultations with a few Attorneys,

Looked into using a divorce paperwork service,

(Whew!! this diy divorce is getting easier now that all of that is past...)

Asked for free legal help,

Completed your Case Information Statement, Property Settlement Agreement, or Marital Settlement Agreement/Separation Agreement,

Have considered your Health Care options,

Have a working visitation plan in place regarding your children,

Have a stable/good job? If not, look around.

Completed a Parenting Plan, including normal visitations, custody arrangements, and a holiday schedule?

And, have you developed some of your own personal goals?

If you are ready to file for divorce, you can usually get the forms by asking to copy the divorce paperwork at your County Courthouse, or you can copy the divorce forms from the reference section of your local library.

Just fill in the information with your personal info, and bring the documents back to the courthouse to file and pay the fee. The court usually will be able to tell you how long it will actually take to move your case along.

I think I paid $200 or $250 to file in my county in NJ, but find out ahead of time.

Good luck with filing your DIY Divorce/Do It Yourself Divorce. You will feel much better when this part of the process is behind you.

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