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NJ Divorce Lawyers Information

If you live in NJ and need to file for divorce, you also need reliable, NJ Divorce Lawyers information. At Real-Divorce, I understand that divorce is difficult, so this list of resources should make things easier, less expensive, and quicker for you.

First, let's make sure you are getting your important questions answered by real, experienced NJ divorce lawyers! Type in any questions you may have, and wait for your reply through an email notification. All for free, with Avvo! I provide this service solely to assist readers. One or a few New Jersey divorce attorneys may answer your question, but they usually give lots of great information. (I have used this for myself).

Second, you should get more than one opinion, and as many free consults as you have questions! Sometimes an attorney will answer you, but your personal denial level is so high that you just don't hear the answer. This process takes time. Be patient with yourself, because it is very confusing. Get some information, take some breaks, repeat.

Find NJ divorce lawyers: One of the best sources of attorney referral is through Legal Match. Go there now to get matched up with qualified NJ Divorce Lawyers--there is no obligation, easy, highly rated.

Find a lawyer!

Online Divorce for New Jersey Divorce Forms

Online Divorce Reviews

Legalzoom: is an established legal document company with a great reputation--over a million customers! For the person who wants accurate uncontested New Jersey divorce forms, but doesn't wish to do the work him/herself.

Rocketlawyer: For the customer who may have multiple documents to file--you pay a small membership fee, either monthly or yearly, and will be able to access all the RocketLawyer documents. The fees are so reasonable, it is a great choice for New Jersey divorce forms!
Save up to 90% off your legal documents

US Legal Forms: This company has years of experience, a great reputation, and great customer service. Best for those who don't have many documents to file, as US Legal Forms charges a small fee per document. Fees are very do-able for a DIYer! Lots of reasons to try this smaller company, with a lot of tools for your online divorce, such as free e-books and a demo that will knock your socks off!

NJ Online Divorce Forms for free: You can always go directly to the court house and copy the forms yourself or get them from your library. This is called Pro Se, and although it IS possible to do your own forms and represent yourself in court, there are risks. And there will be filing fees (not much usually). You may access the forms online at NJ State Judiciary with the instructions. You can always call the county you live in to ask questions in the family courts.

Need Legal Help? Use the LegalMatch Priority Service to Find Pre-screened Lawyers in Your Area Now!

Free New Jersey Child Support Calculator, New Jersey Child Custody Info, and Resources

NJ Child Support Calculator and Info--Access child support forms and the New Jersey child support calculator: apply online here--ACF Main Page. You do NOT need to wait until you are divorced to get child support. I think the application was only $6 in Ocean County when I did this years ago.

Divorce Forums

Access our Divorce Forums now to obtain some answers or get some perspective on your situation, or get ideas for your New Jersey divorce forms and paperwork.

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