Name Change After Divorce

A name change after divorce is welcomed by many women. Is it difficult to do? NO! Real-Divorce has some answers for you!

First, you can do this for free if you ask during your divorce hearing. You do not need to file a form ahead of time, however, during the actual divorce hearing, you will have many topics on your mind and may forget to ask the judge to put your name change in your divorce decree. There are a few free name change forms within online divorce packages, so I'll show you my favorites and why.

Best Companies for Free Name Change Forms

Because using an online divorce offers many benefits, I highly recommend them. Therefore, if you have the extra $40-$299 to use an online divorce, you can take advantage of the free name change forms that are included in the package.

Save up to 90% off your legal bills Rocketlawyer gets my DIY divorce recommendation because they are available in EVERY state, and has a reasonable membership fee, which includes any legal form you need. You could feasibly pay the $100 fee for a whole year of access to legal forms, and do more than only your uncontested divorce documents, such as your will or living will.

Legalzoom completes the forms for you, but is only available in 31 states.

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