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When you are choosing which medical and healthcare options you need for your family health insurance, you can learn about what programs are good here. I use my health insurance to the fullest; being diabetic I need a lot of supplies, and can tell you that it's important to be fully covered, especially if you have an existing condition.

If you don't have a pre-existing condition and you need medical coverage or healthcare, that is great, you may not need as much coverage. Or, you may wish to purchase family health insurance in case your children need it.

Whichever the scenario, I have great healthcare options for you! I've spent hours, maybe days, trying to find the best, affordable medical plans that will work for your family's needs. I am happy to offer the info for, because I've checked their BBB ratings (A-), and you can find a variety of options for your needs.

Get Quotes. Compare Plans. Apply Online.

Just remember to make your list of necessary parts to your health coverage, such as:

  • Basic Health Coverage, including emergency hospital visits.

  • Office visits. If they might be frequent, how much can you afford to co-pay each time?

  • Deductibles. Again, how much are you willing to pay up front?

  • Prescriptions. Some plans include an RX plan, and others do not.

  • DME purchases. I am alive because of them! Durable Medical Equipment is the "stuff" that is not an actual medicine, but could be medically necessary for lots of people. For instance, crutches, syringes, test strips for diabetics, any type of brace.

  • Vision coverage. Usually separate. I will include more info on this soon.

Self-Employed and Need Coverage for Yourself or Your Children?

As far as I know, NASE, the National Association for the Self-Employed, is the best self-employment organization to be a member of, because they offer discounted insurance rates for members only. That is, IF you can get it in the state you live in. In NJ, you can't get health benefits with membership, but most states are covered, with only a few exceptions. The fee to become a member is $72 a year, so it is well worth checking out. I knew someone who used NASE in Pennsylvania, and his rates were phenonmenally low!

Their link is, and you can get health insurance quotes and dental insurance. Dental is through MetLife.

Compare NASE's rates with my links on this page for your best possible rates.

What about Dental?

I am creating a page dedicated to this, coming soon.

Affordable Dental Plans

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