Looking for Divorce Lawyer

by Kevin
(Miami, FL )

Hope you are doing well. I am looking for good divorce lawyer in Miami FL. Does anyone have idea about it? If yes, then share with me.

Thanks in Advance,

Dear Kevin,
Thanks for your question. Don't forget to access divorce lawyers online using www.Avvo.com. I really should offer a forum for each state, sorry I don't right now!

Since you are not specific as to why you want a divorce lawyer, it would be difficult to precisely match you up with one without you doing a little of your own research...for instance, you may need a divorce attorney with custody experience, or bankruptcy experience. You may wish to write back and comment on your expectation, so that others can give you their experiences and get you exactly what you need.

BTW, I found the perfect bankruptcy attorney (post-divorce) just by looking online for a local one. I only went there because they offered a free-consult, but they gave me everything I needed for a very low flat fee. So, help is there if you look and are patient. Or, Yellowpages.

Best of luck to you!
Jennifer at Real-Divorce.com

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Jennifer here, letting you know that you can ask any legal question online for free using Avvo. It's a great service that I am happy to recommend, and I don't even get paid for telling you this! You will see this box on EVERY page of the Real-Divorce site because that's how important it is!

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