I want him to pay for my child.

by Kathy

My husband resides in Canada. After our marriage, I too relocated myself there. Initially, he seemed to be a nice man. But after the birth of our child, he wanted to get away from all of the responsibilities. I filed for divorce and I want him to pay a hefty child support amount for our child! It's not that I can't take the burden of my child; but I want him to pay for his responsibilities. Any suggestion?


Real-Divorce Comments:
Dear Kathy,
Thanks for your question; Like so many parents, you want to raise your child but don't want to take a financial hit because your spouse changed his mind.

Unfortunately, I don't know if you'll get a hefty amount, a medium amount, or a small amount of child support. You would know best how much money you each make, and how much time your child spends with each of you. You may want to visit the Child Support section of this site. Child support forms are available online in every US state through the ACF. Not sure about Canada though! You should call the county/state you got divorced in and ask them how to proceed with child support forms.

Best of luck,

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