I have a Question about Back Alimony

by Bummed about Alimony

I have an important question and problem. Now even though my ex and I have been legally divorced about 1.5 years, he owes me about 3 yrs alimony/maintenance. I am disabled and was legally married 17 years. His employers were notified and sent the court order and now my lawyer says there is nothing I can do. It would take too much money. I live in NJ. MY ex-husband's employers are in California and I believe 2 other states. My ex also lives in NYC. I began learning about this because my life, medical etc. depends on this and I am getting no where. Can you help? MY ex is in the entertainment industry background {consultation and promotion}. When the letter did arrive to his employers, he was illegally threatend to be fired. Now I am not on speaking terms with my ex. I have no children so help is a bit harder to find.

Real-Divorce Comments:
Sorry you are Bummed about Alimony! The truth is, if it's court ordered, then your ex is still responsible to pay. If he's totally broke, then it is nearly impossible to get any money though! If he is working and just avoiding paying you, then you can petition the court for this back alimony.

Now, some women don't know this secret: If the husband has a pension, 401K, or any kind of investment, then when you go to court, you can ask that the judge order a QDRO, or a qualified domestic relations order, to pay you back for the money he owes you.

You could then file the QDRO, and get a lump sum. Of course, this doesn't work if the guy has nothing.

If the man is not paying the court ordered amount, the courts still need to know that, so file the motion even if you think it's hopeless, because sometimes you have to do it a few times before the judge HEARS that you need the money.

Again, always seek legal counsel--free whenever possible, by using the resources on this site or your own. Best of luck to you.

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