How to File for Divorce and Divorce Procedures

How to file for divorce, and Divorce Procedures will be covered in this article.

First, what type of divorce will you have?

Uncontested or Contested?

Will you use an attorney, or represent yourself? Contrary to what most people believe, you can have an uncontested divorce and use an attorney, or you could also have a contested divorce and represent yourself. Most divorces end in both parties having uncontested divorces and representing themselves due to the financial strain of divorce. And a small percentage do litigate and use an attorney, but most of these cases really are the top-earners or special circumstances.

Next, how will you file for divorce? Courthouses don't care who completes the forms, as long as they are done right! However, since most individuals would be capable of doing their own divorce papers, online divorce has become popular because using one offers certain benefits that are valuable (for instance, one company offers some mediation as part of the package).

Will you complete the paperwork yourself? Ask an attorney to complete the forms? Use an online divorce and have the service complete the forms, like Legalzoom? Use an online divorce and you complete the forms yourself, as with 3StepDivorce, Rocketlawyer?

When to Get a Divorce

When to get a divorce is an individualized question, but it is important to take other family members into account. If a move is in place and you have children, do you really want to do it mid-year? You may want to begin the divorce papers (which may only take 2-3 months), but postpone the move until a later time. Or one party may wish to wait to divorce to keep marital benefits longer--be it health benefits or retirement benefits.

Or sometimes it is beneficial to divorce sooner rather than later, like if one party is running up a lot of bills.

Divorce Paperwork

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