Help for Inexpensive Uncontested Divorce

by Bobby
(New York, N.Y. USA)

My wife and I are looking for the cheapest way to have a uncontested divorce.

Real-Divorce Comments:
Hi, Bobby,
First of all, good luck with this process. One of my main goals is to help people so that they DON'T get ripped off during the divorce process. And that can be tricky IF you don't educate yourself.

So, first, I'll say that you should get some books from your local library and read up as much as you can for the particulars of your situation. For instance, alimony and property division may be concerns for you, but child support is not. Visit the ABA's website (American Bar Association) to find out what they say about the topics of concern for you.

Then you can say to your soon-to-be-ex, "this is what is REAL in NY, so let's not fight about the things that we are simply emotional about. Let's have a real conversation and make some headway."

The best ways to process the paperwork is either to copy the forms directly from your county courthouse (or see if they will mail them to you), or get them online if you are doing a pro se divorce in NY. Although this is the "cheapest" way, it doesn't offer any of the benefits of the online divorce services.

Some of the online divorce services are VERY inexpensive, from under $10 per form, or $40 for a package to up to about $300 for more services like mediation. Rocketlawyer has memberships that allow you to access any legal forms you need for about $20/month or $100 a year. And benefits to boot!

Please visit my sitemap for more information about Online Divorce Reviews, and see the attorney page for a way to ask real attorneys questions online.

Always seek legal counsel before you make any decisions, so try to get some free consults to do just that. Get everything in writing if you and your ex agree to particulars.

Any further questions, comments, or progress, let us know! Best of luck to you as you go through this.

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