Grounds for Divorce

If you are filing for divorce, you must decide what the Grounds for Divorce should be. Many readers here will decide on a no-fault divorce, which is certainly one of the easiest ways to obtain a divorce. Uncontested divorces usually are no-fault divorces. At some point, both spouses would rather stop arguing, or at the very least, get on with their lives.

Typically, two spouses begin living apart, and are testing out the new situation; they begin getting their finances in order, closing joint accounts and opening new ones in their own names. In no time fast, the no-fault divorce becomes an option. And a much prettier option than the "blaming" fault type divorces, which can be emotionally difficult and draining, but also a financial nightmare. The no-fault divorce usually requires a 6 month-18 month time period of living apart from a spouse (in different houses).

When you are filing for your uncontested divorce, you can access an abundance of great sources for online divorce paperwork here.

Many couples have a more serious issue--a fault type of divorce--which can lead to litigation. It has been my experience that even though many couples HAVE a fault type of divorce, they still file under the no-fault type because it's easier and less expensive than litigation.

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Each state has specific reasons to file for divorce--remember to search the state by state directory to find out what is specific in your state. As an example, here are the eight reasons, or grounds for divorce in New Jersey:

NJ Grounds for Divorce

  • No fault, separation for 18 months and no expectation of reconciliation,
  • Extreme cruelty,
  • Adultery,
  • Desertion,
  • Addition,
  • Institutionalization,
  • Imprisonment,
  • Deviant Sexual Conduct.

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