Giving Up Custody

by Nari

I need help writing a letter to relinquish legal custody.


Real-Divorce Comments:
Dear Nari,

I do not understand why you would relinquish custody, but I suppose you can call your courthouse for the proper way to do it. They may have blank copies, or give you a sheet to copy there, and you may just fill in your personal information.

It is possible to relinquish custody, though. If it is allowed, and I am assuming that your ex would welcome you being out of the picture, then you would have no further responsibility towards your child. However, this is probably easier said than done, as once a father is named, he has a responsibility to provide for his child(ren).

What is more likely to happen, is that your ex could be given sole custody by filing a motion to change the custody agreement. But, you would still be required to continue to financially support your child until he/she is 18 or done with college, however your court system decides.

You can use the Real-Divorce links to Rocketlawyer, Legalzoom, Find Legal Forms, and US Legal Forms (all on the Online Divorce Review Page) for specific custody paperwork also. But, I think Rocketlawyer is the best for when you need only one specific form. When you use my links, it helps pay for the cost of running this site.

I hope this helps you and others understand that fathers should not easily walk away from their parenting responsibilities, and the courts do have some systems in place to keep fathers in their children's lives.

Best of luck to you!

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