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Free Divorce Paperwork and "more." This is the main page about Divorce Paperwork, how to file for divorce, and many of the steps in the process. You can relax and read this information as many times as you like.

I hope it helps to know that you can file for a contested or uncontested divorce, and you can do it yourself, which is called "pro se". You simply get the free divorce paperwork in person or online from your county library or courthouse, fill them out and file with the courthouse. There is a fee to file for divorce, payable to the courthouse. What I've found over the years, is that courthouses want forms to be done well, and they don't care if you've done them yourself or if you've used a service:

You could use, Rocketlawyer, Find Legal Forms, or US Legal Forms, which allow you to download software and complete the paperwork at your convenience. Or, you can have an online divorce form service prepare the documents for you (like Legalzoom), or have an attorney prepare the documents for you (this last one is called "unbundled" if you are not using the attorney in court). There are multiple benefits to using these services though, and they really do only cost about what a divorce attorney would charge for one hour.

The Reality of Divorce...

  • 80-90 % of all couples will end up HAVING to do a pro se divorce ANYWAY! Most divorces are largely uncontested divorces, and the couple will settle the differences before getting to court without ever having attorneys. Yet, many spouses, at the beginning of a separation, believes he/she is entitled to a certain, set dollar amount--this amount could be completely unfair and the months go on, though, the parties may realize that there is no money for an attorney, and end up deciding to do some or all of the paperwork and/or representation themselves.
  • The Divorce Petition must include a grounds for divorce, so that the divorce can be a fault divorce or a no-contest divorce.
  • Our culture just watches too much TV! We think of divorce, and boom! The drama ensues...but we do not have to live like that if we don't wish to. Taking the entire process of divorce, including the separation, the emotions, the separating of things and monies, then the new visitation plans, custody arrangements, and Property Settlement Agreements or Case Information Statements. If in Mediation, then there is the Memorandum of Understanding, which is not a legal document. There are alimony and child support, and then there is filing for the actual divorce.
  • Just one step at a time, that's all. Each of your divorce concerns and paperwork will be covered. It can be done, because 50% of couples end up with a divorce. And you will get through the paperwork, because you are getting your education right here. In the next few articles, you will learn if a DIY divorce or a PRO Se Divorce is right for you, or if a service (writing the docs) can help you best. There will always be attorneys, who are extremely helpful in many situations, and should be used when necessary. But only you can decide what is best for you.

Continue on for the pros and cons of each situation.

More Free Divorce Paperwork information--specific to DIY Divorces

Which Service Should I use for MY Online Divorce Paperwork?

Remember, every county in every state has to make free divorce paperwork available to anyone getting divorced. I offer the following information because these low cost divorce paperwork services have great deals, incredible value, are easy to use, and are backed by money back guarantees and the BBB.

See all the Online Divorce Paperwork Reviews, such as:

So, you can have the results you want, while spending very little money. You can have free divorce paperwork or spend less than $300 to get it done right, with lots of supports to help you along your way.

Divorce and Property Division

Divorce and Property Division is a tricky subject, and although many couples wish to be fair, some spouses want to hoard assets from the other spouse. Read the Divorce and Property Series, which also includes a list of Equitable Distribution States and Community Property States.

Other Important Special Circumstances

Some couples aren't married or are part of a domestic partnership. Some couples have paternity issues, whether married or not. Each special circumstances has it's own set of issues and laws that are important to face head on. Find out ahead of time what will apply to you!


Getting free divorce paperwork is easy. You can do this at your local courthouse or library. I created this site to make it easier for people who are divorcing, so that people like you will know better, faster than I did. So, it's my bias that using the "online divorce forms" is extremely valuable because you can get the forms right into your hands, no matter what state you live in, and start the process yourself. No waiting.

The benefits of doing a DIY divorce are many: less bullcrap, fewer expenses, and the packages have extras that are really priceless. Yet, the free divorce paperwork has some disadvantages, in that there is a lot of education to be had by paying a small fee for an online divorce--most give access to lots of information that is user friendly (unlike courthouses!)

How to file for divorce is up to you.

Good luck with your divorce process, and make sure you do your due diligence so that you get the outcome you deserve!

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Want to know a secret?

Once my readers make their decision to have an uncontested divorce, they come here and use the divorce form reviews.

After that, about 70% use, because they have the MOST value for the DIY divorce included in the price!

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