Assets List

Your assets list should include all that you own yourself, all that your spouse owns, and all that you own together. Make sure you list all of your accounts, account #s, and as much specific information as you can, in case you need it for the CIS or Case Information Statement.

Housing? Do you own your home? What is your mortgage? Bank account #

Vacation Property?

Cars? First Vehicle--make/model/year, BlueBook value?

Boat? Motorcycle?

Collectibles? Antiques?

Inheritance prior to marriage? Inheritance acquired during the marriage?
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Do you own a business, or have a large amount of assets that require

estate planning? Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, CDs?

Retirement Money? IRA 401K 457b

College savings for your children?

Checking Account?

Savings Account?

Cash on hand?

Real property you can sell? (furniture, clothing, books)

Find the total for you, for yourself, and for your joint property.

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