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Deciding to use divorce attorneys is a big financial decision. You may gain some peace of mind knowing that someone you think knows the law is representing you. You will not have to file your own forms or deal directly with your ex--should you not wish to.

In a perfect world, we would all be able to agree with our spouses about everything, but that is not reality. Things get heated, people argue about petty things. It can't hurt to consult with an attorney--in fact--it is a REALLY good idea to consult with professionals about your specific situation.

FindLegalHelp.org is a great resource for anyone who wants to find information about legal counsel, in a state by state directory. This is the American Bar Association's site, so you know you can trust the source.

Divorce attorneys usually come with a high price, though--meaning, less money for you and your children if you choose to use one. And just because you hire an attorney, does not mean you will come out ahead in court. Some attorneys are just going through the motions--and may not have any interest in really getting your goals accomplished--but will happily take your check to the bank. Some attorneys often will not tell you most of what you should know, because they make more money when you are emotional and confide in them.

You may want to read my main page about divorce attorneys.

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There are choices--for instance, you may decide--if you are on decent terms with your ex--you may wish to try mediation before you do anything else. I did, and at the end of our mediation sessions (I think we had about 8 of them), the mediator told us it was time to contact attorneys just to be on the safe side, so each of us knew the law.

On a personal note, my ex and I each chose lawyers, and mine took a $2,500 retainer in 2003 (usually, the retainer fee is $5,000)-- a smaller amount because we'd mediated.

So, yes, I am biased. But I am looking out for you. My bias is simply that if we are ignorant, we will get taken advantage of; therefore, learn what you can from others. Remember this process of keeping emotions as separate as you can while you are choosing an attorney, deciding if mediation or a collaborative divorce could be right for you, choosing a service to help with paperwork, or choosing to do your divorce completely on your own.

Need a Divorce Lawyer? In life, we always have choices, and you should attempt to obtain legal counsel through trusted sources. Should you decide you would like information, you can sign up for free with LegalMatch.com here.

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