Divorce Articles

Grab your glass and sit back to read a few articles, learn about how to file for divorce, and what to expect when nothing is predictable. This divorce article section is more about you having a sane head than just getting your online divorce paperwork done. You can learn about ways to relax your mind (because thoughts keep coming), take charge of your own life again (before someone else takes charge for you), and read about things that are of interest outside of divorce.

Real-Divorce will be there with you every step of the way!

Titles in the Divorce Articles Series:

Divorce--The Beginning of the Change...Why Change is a Good Thing
Fairness and Equity in Parenting--Is There Ever Any? Part 1, About uncontested divorce and keeping your money
Fairness and Equity in Parenting--Is There Ever Any? Part 2 About parenting schedules, visitation, and custody arrangements

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