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This Divorce Lawyers Forum is for divorcing individuals who want to ask questions about using Divorce Attorneys. This can be tricky, but you should always obtain legal consults before you make any decisions concerning your case. You can do this for free here, and get matched to high quality attorneys.

See our disclaimer and further reading below.

I believe using a divorce attorney presents certain issues. If a person chooses to use one, then the attorney may bait the client to get upset and continue in a course of action that is likely to only lead to hours of legal consult, whereas, if the person did some of his/her OWN research instead, he/she would be saved those hours. It doesn't mean the person is given any money in court to make up for these paid attorney hours.

It is sometimes important to find out certain laws up front, and if you don't wish to read books, it's good to use an attorney to find out if some law applies to you. This is common in divorce, with inheritances and property division especially, to find out the law and then divide property accordingly, rather than litigate.

I firmly believe that its best to look at all of the options, for instance, trying mediation if there is difficulty working things out, and if that isn't working, moving to a collaborative divorce attorney. If that isn't working, then a contested divorce would be in the future, and the person would then need a divorce attorney. Hopefully, this Divorce Lawyers Forum can assist you with some of your questions before you spend a lot of your hard earned money.

Whatever you decide, it's good to ask others' opinions to see if an attorney or your attorney is really working for you. You can ask your question here in the Divorce Attorney Forum. This legal forum is meant to help readers find out questions and answers that may apply to them, so there is no password or login required. It's so easy, anyone can do it. Just make sure you don't leave any personally identifiable info about you or your case. Thanks for commenting and reading here.

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