Divorce Lawyer Houston Texas

Divorce Lawyer Houston Texas: If you need a divorce lawyer in Houston, you will want to spend a few hours gathering your important documents, writing down your questions, and then actually finding appropriate divorce attorneys for some free consults.

How can anyone find the best divorce attorney? If you read anything on this site, I hope you see that most divorcing couples CAN find a way to split their assets and liabilities amicably. Even with the best of circumstances, only about 10% of couples use attorneys for their divorce. So, will you be the 1 out of 10 that uses a divorce attorney?

  • To make sure you know what you actually HAVE (assets and liabilities).
  • To ensure (if you are creating your own), that your agreements are actually fair to you, but also to the spouse you are divorcing.
  • To make sure you know what you are agreeing to, as some terms may seem appropriate now, but will not make sense later on.
Of course, there are many benefits that could also occur for you using a divorce lawyer. During a consult, they generally give you some FREE DIVORCE ADVICE, which is awesome! Use your YellowPages to find local attorneys right near you, but also, follow the Real-Divorce.com way, and do it at home, online.

My favorite way to find experienced divorce attorneys is to use LegalMatch.com. They match you up online with lawyers with the specs you provide, such as divorce and bankruptcy, or divorce and child custody, or divorce and debt, whatever you need. It’s totally FREE, or I wouldn’t recommend it!

My other favorite and totally FREE way to find the best divorce attorney, is to use Avvo.com, and ask attorneys online, who will provide answers to your specific questions within a few days. These lawyers may not be local, but they give great information quickly out to a happy clientele.

In my opinion, though, the best way to find great consults is to do both of these! Resources like time and energy get more and more limited as a divorce goes on, so save yourself your time and your energy by tapping into these great divorce helpers.

I think anyone who is divorcing SHOULD get as much legal help as possible for free, and then after that, use counsel wisely. Many will NEED a divorce attorney. However, do remember the possible downsides of using a divorce lawyer and paying for extended services:
  • Divorce lawyers can play the blame game and make you more upset about inequities of divorce, which in turn gets you fired up to go to court and use an attorney.
  • The cost of a divorce lawyer certainly varies from place to place, but where I live, it’s around $200-$300 an hour. Realize that you’ll spend an average of 20 hours going back and forth discussing issues with your attorney, plus about 3-5 more for your court date. Not many people have an extra $4,500-7,500 lying around. This is just for a normal divorce, without many complications. Imagine what it would be like as a contested divorce?
  • Your results may be similar if you have a do it yourself divorce, because even though attorneys appear like they would be helpful, most couples simply “settle out of court”, meaning, that they make their final negotiations right before entering the courtroom for their divorce hearing. So, if you take control and spearhead a DIY divorce, you may be better off in some ways.

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