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Divorce in Minnesota Information. If you are divorcing in Minnesota, you need information about all of the important topics that might apply to your particular case. And you "should" read about many other topics, just in case they might apply to you! There is a lot to know and learn.

For a short list of important concerns, see our disclaimer, articles, finances, property division info, and child support info. Remember, if you educate yourself, you will be more prepared to go to court. This is true whether you use an attorney or represent yourself (pro se), or whether you will have a contested or uncontested divorce in Minnesota.

  • If an uncontested divorce is right for you, access Divorce in Minnesota Information such as Minnesota divorce forms.
  • Use the Real-Divorce Forums to ask your questions to other readers.
  • Get free Minnesota Divorce Lawyers Information, so you can ask your questions directly, or get free consults.
  • Find Minnesota child support info and free resources.
Also, use the R-D sitemap to read lots of articles pertinent to your case, such as:
This should help you with the majority of your questions and issues that will arise as you are dealing with your Minnesota Divorce Forms.

Free Info about Using Minnesota Divorce Lawyers

Of course, I suggest anyone going through a divorce should seek true legal council about any issue that concerns him/her. However, there is an online community of real attorneys that would be happy to help with answering your questions online about your divorce in Minnesota.

This is the best resource I know of for real, FREE, and fast information. No waiting for appointments!

Avvo.com is the site for this, and one or more attorneys should respond to your question soon after you post it.

Divorce Forums

You can always post a question or a comment in the Real-Divorce Forums. The forum topics include all of the topics that concern you and your family's well being and finances.

Enter Real-Divorce Forums now! No passwords or logins, and you can be notified when others respond to your posts.

Minnesota Divorce Forms Online--It's Easy and Inexpensive

Anyone can do their own divorce pro se, representing themselves. You can obtain the forms online in the county you live in oftentimes. If not, you may access them by visiting the local library's reference section (as the librarian for help!), or by visiting the county law library. You can simply photocopy the forms, take them home, and type them up yourself. If you are confident that you can do this completely on your own, go for it!

If not, my recommendations are for a few good companies, such as 3StepDivorce, Rocketlawyer, Legalzoom, Find Legal Forms, and US Legal Forms.

If you like the idea of DIY, you may really like Rocketlawyer, because their yearly membership breaks down to only $8 a month to access any legal forms you need for personal use. Use this link for a discount I don't think is readily available elsewhere! Get your first legal document & 7 day trial membership ABSOLUTELY FREE at RocketLawyer.com

If you prefer someone completing the forms FOR you, Legalzoom is the only company that has a great reputation that does this for Minnesota, and is readily accepted at the courthouses.

Minnesota Child Support Info and Free Resources

It is never too early to file for child support, so you can do that before you file your divorce in Minnesota. Don't go without the benefits your child may need! The ACF is the main website for child support services, and you can access the Minnesota child support information there, file online, and start receiving benefits (if that is approved).

LawHelp.org is a great free resource to help low to moderate income individuals with their divorce, and you can ask specific questions concerning Minnesota divorce law.

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