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Divorce Forums are a great place to find some divorce support, and get some potential answers for your most important questions about your divorce. Here, I am talking ONLY about US divorces. Sorry, but I can't possibly put up divorce information for every country. Some in Canada and Europe may find this info useful also. But we are talking US legal system. It is NOT "the" answer, or "the only" answer in your quest though.

You may benefit by using the Find My State page and finding out more about how your state handles divorce papers. Nothing can replace good legal advice divorce law. Get your free consults and sign up for attorney matching for that. See DISCLAIMER below.

Make sure you place your question in the appropriate forum so that it may be answered quickly. Real-Divorce will answer and add comments to every entry to get you started! You may also view other members' questions and answers on these pages.

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You may have a question that covers a general or gray area. Ask it here in the General Forum! Soon, I will be able to have real attorneys give their comments on Real-Divorce, however, right now, the forums are only member to member support. The free divorce advice you seek may be right here, but these forums rely on members asking questions and leaving comments. So, add yours today!

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Divorce Separation Lawyer - Finding a divorce lawyer is a very different ballgame than finding any other lawyer or attorney. Usually in most cases you …

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In today's modern world, divorce is a common way to end a relationship between the couple. It is said in a marital relationship, faithfulness is a key …

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Dear Everyone, I am here looking for help and advice.   Here is my story--   I married my wife about 20 years ago when I went to the US to study …

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I plan on filing pro se for my divorce in NJ. Is this process difficult? Where do I go to obtain the necessary forms to file? Once I obtain the …

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I was divorced in April 2004 in N.J. My ex and I had 50/50 custody and she was the custodial parent of our two children. I was ordered to pay (based on …

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I am married to a man who is worth approximately 10 million dollars. We had a prenuptial agreement and a postnuptial agreement. The houses, cars, and all …

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I am currently 31 weeks pregnant and in the middle of a divorce (in Colorado). We are currently filling out our parenting plans and such and I was wondering …

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My marriage took place 7 months ago. Post marriage, I came to know about some dark secrets my wife had hidden. My wife eventually spilled the beans very …

Property Division Issues Not rated yet
Hi, I and my soon to be ex-husband bought a house together. My greatest fear in getting a divorce right now is that I might not get the house. What …

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