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Divorce Forms Online: This section is dedicated to information about divorce by state and specific info you may need for your state. You will find useful information about:

1. How to file for divorce in your state, or go directly to RocketLawyer.com for their very reasonable, pre-paid plans for ANY state here:

2. What other paperwork might be necessary? Such as, name changes, parenting plans, tax information, child support for each state.

Note: Use the following link to go now to access your state's child support forms:

ACF, which is the US Department of Health and Human Services/Administration for Children & Families

3. How long will it take to get divorced once the papers are "served"? In some states it can take a few weeks once the defendant replies. In other states, it may take a few months. Otherwise, there are some special circumstances, such as when a spouse defaults and does not answer the divorce petition; then the process can take longer.

4. What must I bring with me to court? It is advisable to bring in the Case Information Statement if it hasn't been filed already, and W-2s to prove income, health coverage paperwork or ID cards, car insurance paperwork and ID cards. And any outstanding bills for issues being debated.

5. What happens on my court date? You go to court and decide if you are "settling" or not. By "settling" I mean that you are having an uncontested divorce, or choosing to not argue about the facts of your divorce case. Or, you can have a contested divorce, and go through that process, such as the discovery procedures, to get a certain amount of money, custody time, or property from your soon to be ex. Read more about these topics on the sitemap!

Divorce Forms Online
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Divorce Forms Online, for every state, using the Real-Divorce Directory. Access the many ways to file, and the many resources you have available for free or for a small fee. Find your state:


Some information on Alimony Guidelines that you may find helpful: The honest truth is, most courts take issue with women asking for alimony if they are viable workers. So, many older women, who would probably need the help of an attorney, would do well by trying to get the alimony if there is a good reason for it. The younger chicks--the courts stick it to ya! Women's lib helped us a lot?

Now, I really am not biased. My ex and I both had Masters Degrees. So, there was no alimony! It was assumed I'd go back to work. (I had no debt). However, I live in a state where fault is not considered in the divorce. If you live in a fault state, then you may have a good case, and if you live in a no-fault state, please look into your options before you make up your mind!

You can access the Real-Divorce Forums to ask questions about Alimony in the Alimony Forum: You should look into whatever you think you deserve though, because lots of women take a hit for the family by staying out of the workforce and taking care of the homefront while hubby gets further education, builds a business, travels, etc....That being said, there's also lots of men out there who should stand up to a woman who is asking for alimony and doesn't deserve it.

What happens after my divorce?

You are legally free, but not necessarily free of the party you were just divorced from. Go and celebrate or weep or both.

You may not have to see this person ever again. Or, if you have children, you may have to see him/her frequently. There are some things that should now be in place, like:

  • Visitation schedule, with a holiday schedule so it's not chaotic later.
  • IRS tax schedule for which parent claims which child during which year.
  • Child support schedule, with a cost of living increase included.
  • Child visitation schedule. Some are very flexible, and leave it up to the parents to adhere to, and some are extremely rigid, detailing who brings children to school and picks them up, and every day of the week outlined.
  • The divorce decree should state if one of the party is returning to the maiden name. It should be free to request the return to the maiden name, however, some companies an attorneys will charge you $100 to file the paperwork for you. It is simply not necessary. A name change form IS included in many of the divorce forms online, through companies like Rocketlawyer, Find Legal Forms, and US Legal Forms. Then, the partner may get a new social security card and driver's license with the divorce decree paperwork.

Jennifer here, letting you know that you can ask any legal question online for free using Avvo. It's a great service that I am happy to recommend, and I don't even get paid for telling you this! You will see this box on EVERY page of the Real-Divorce site because that's how important it is!

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