Divorce for Men and Fathers Only

Divorce for Men: Men and fathers should read this entire section to find out great tips just for them. Divorce brings a lot of roller coaster-like emotions, and it's really important for men and fathers to do their best to carry on with their lives or move on, while being the best dad he can be.
Stay out of the stupid and petty games that spouses can play, don't say bad things about your ex, and stop being selfish long enough to hear your ex's point of view. This can solve many problems! It can also eliminate many problems when you verbalize this to your ex--that you wish to understand, and solve the problems you are facing, so that you will all be happier.

Pay your child support as you are ordered, and be there for your child. Pick them up on time and as scheduled. Do fun things with them. Help them with their homework. Don't just be the fun dad, also be the one who gives them guidance and strength.

Don't shack up with a new girlfriend--it's hard on the kids. Do stay single long enough to straighten yourself out and feel some equilibrium in your life again. Learn what YOU want out of life, and try to pursue your own life goals. Maybe you've been putting some on hold during your unsuccessful marriage, and now is the time to try again. You'll be a much better person and father when you feel good about your choices in life.

For real-fathering information, Real-Divorce recommends this special Divorce for Men book:

Divorce for Men: National Organizations dedicated to assisting Men going through a divorce:

The National Center for Men

Divorce for Fathers: National Organizations dedicated to helping fathers going through divorce:

National Fatherhood Initiative
Dad's Rights
Parents Without Partners

Please contact me if YOU have more terrific resources to list here on Divorce for Men!

Real-Divorce recommends:

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