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Divorce Chat Info: If you are thinking a good way to connect with others who are divorcing is a chat, think again! Although I am trying to provide Real-Divorce readers with a positive experience and want to give as much as I can to support them, I personally do not think using a chat is a good move. Vulnerability is the reason why. You will not find any singles ads here either, because I realize that this is a tough enough time without adding the pressure of dealing with another new relationship.

Because so many R-D readers are in a position of leaning on someone else, I feel very strongly that it's a bad move to allow a chat on my site. Instead, I am offering some other options that I hope will cover the bases. Divorcing people do need support, they need their questions answered, they need some comradery. I have set up Divorce Forums to begin to get some of your needs met.

I know I will have more information on all of these topics soon, and because of nice folks who will contact me, I can find out more about what is actually needed most. So, feel free to give me some feedback about this Divorce Chat page or the Divorce Forums.

Divorce Forums

My Divorce Forums section is the way to get information from other readers who are going through a divorce, without giving any personal information or getting involved with anyone else. No password is required to ask a question, and no logins are required to comment. So, the forums are risk-free.

Alimony Forum
Child Support Forum
Custody Forum
Divorce Attorneys Forum
Mediation and Collaborative Divorce Forum--coming soon!
Uncontested Divorce Forum
Contested Divorce Forum
Divorce Paperwork Forum
Online Divorce Forum and Reviews
Marital Debt Forum, including handling assets and Property Settlement Agreements
Divorce and Finances Forum
Divorce Stories
Divorce Articles

Divorce Support

There are a host of Divorce Support organizations, and I will list them shortly.

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