Divorce and Debt Issues

This Divorce and Debt Series will cover general debt issues, and get more detailed as the series continues towards bankruptcy and divorce.
You will find useful info, but also non-profit organizations that can help you:

  • lessen or settle,
  • consolidate, or
  • eliminate your financial obligations,

If you can only afford to pay minimums on your credit cards, have used all your credit and have a large amount of unsecured debits, or can no longer afford your mortgage, there is help available to you. First, and foremost, I cannot impress upon you how important it is that you choose a good non-profit company to obtain excellent debt help!

I have looked around the internet (loaded with companies that will take your money and leave you in more financial trouble), in various books, and asked around. There is a real need to get solid information, which I will provide free of charge,because you are in a vulnerable position while you are divorcing. Divorce carries a financial weight with it, and many now single people cannot survive as nearly as well due to their divorce and debt that goes along with it.

There are a few non-profit consumer credit counseling type companies with good reputations. They are BBB approved and offer money back guarantees. (Now, there may be some for-profit agencies that do a good job, but I don't yet know about it. If that's the case, please let me know using the contact form on my About page.)

Please note: certain types of financial obligations cannot be eliminated, such as child support. If you need to file for child support in your state, go to the ACF page, click on your state, and you will be able to access and file for child support. Most states allow you to download them immediately, so it is THAT easy!

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