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The best Real-Divorce Advice I can give you: go slowly! Although you may be anxious to make decisions or changes quickly, it's best to wait and think about it more than rush and have lots of oversights.

I'll give you my best insights here, but it's up to you to follow each one through and see what will work best for your family situation. Everyone will need a lot of divorce support! Read each and every page here, AND use American Bar Association books or other good resources from your local library to find out more about how you can help yourself.

Let's get into Divorce Advice:

Read about finances, splitting marital debt, and bankruptcy. These are important because whatever was accrued during the marriage must be split upon divorce and listed in a property settlement agreement. Don't overspend now, it can really hurt you later, and there are "rules" which should be followed during a separation concerning money. For instance, it's not fair to go buy a new car and then expect your soon-to-be-ex to pay for half of it. So, keep spending on personal stuff to a minimum, unless you have the money.

Read about child support, custody, and visitation, if you have children. It is sometimes difficult to "split" the time with your children. However, it will be important for both parents to have individual time with the children, and both parents will need a break to get their lives back in order.

Read about divorce paperwork, so you can find out more about the grounds for divorce, the actual divorce petition, property division, doing your own paperwork, or using an online divorce service like Rocketlawyer or Legalzoom.

More Divorce Advice: What about the differences between a contested divorce, and an uncontested divorce.

NOTE/Divorce Advice: Just knowing a few facts will save you thousands of dollars. For instance, it is a fact that over 80% of divorces will end up being uncontested, because of the high costs of litigation. You may think you have the money now, but as time goes on, and both parties begin maintaining their own homes, money goes away fast. So, don't fall victim to the belief that you'll litigate if it's actually not going to happen for you.

Need more resources and divorce support? Try reading divorce articles, divorce stories, divorce by state, and divorce resources here.

Hopefully, this divorce advice and resource article can help you understand the process of divorce a little better. As you learn, then make decisions, but don't make big decisions without getting some legal help. There are usually at least some free consults from attorneys available.

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I thought Divorce Forums were a much more appropriate choice here on this site, where people are trying to learn about their divorce choices. After much thought, I have added nine forums, with more on the way. Other readers can comment on questions or other comments without even logging in or using any passwords. Just read or ask!

Go to Divorce Forums page to see the list of available forums.

Real-Divorce recommends:

Real Divorce Advice: Filing an online divorce can save you a lot of time and money--when you are ready. Read about online divorce paperwork now to save you some time later on when you may be rushing. I highly recommend Legalzoom and Rocketlawyer, because of their high ratings, support, and customer satisfaction. Legalzoom does the documents for you for a flat fee, and Rocketlawyer allows you to download the software to do it yourself for a very minimal fee.

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Disclaimer: The information on this site is for educational purposes only. It is not legal advice and may not apply to your situation. I take the time to gather the best information to those going through divorce, and offer a place for readers to learn, get support and fantastic resources, and find applicable products that are a good fit for them. You can support this site by purchasing high quality products or services from the sponsors I link to.

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