Dissolution of Marriage Forms

Dissolution of Marriage Forms are similar to any regular divorce forms. Dissolution of marriage is similar to divorce, and called that in some states. A divorce occurs when the courts determine that a marriage has ended. Annulment occurs when the courts determine that a marriage never actually took place.

You may wish to have your marriage end in a dissolution or an annulment, rather than a divorce, if you qualify. The main reason for this would be if one of the parties was actually underage, and therefore, unable to consent to begin the marriage, and parental consent was not given. The other main reasons used are when there was fraud committed, if one party purposefully lied about age to obtain a marriage certificate, if one party is trying to gain citizenship, or if relations are too close (family marrying another close family member). There are probably more reasons.

It is always important that you check with your state to find out the grounds in your state. And check with appropriate attorneys that can help you, with at least some free consults before you proceed with any dissolution of marriage forms on your own.

How to Get an Annulment

You or someone who cares for you, such as a parent, must file the motion or petition for the dissolution of marriage or to annul. That person is actually suing the other party. Follow the process in your state by visiting the law library or your local library, or use a reputable online legal document service like Rocketlawyer, Legalzoom, or US Legal.

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3 Ways To End A Marriage

In addition to the Dissolution or Annulment of Marriage, a Separation or a Divorce are the other two ways to end a marriage. Although, I suppose dissolution/annulling and divorce are legal and finite, a legal separation can last years. And if for some reason your marriage does not qualify for a dissolution or an annulment, you would still need to file the appropriate divorce paperwork anyhow.

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