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If you need daycare, childcare, babysitters, and nanny help, and you have just recently become separated or divorced, you need practical information to help you choose well.

First, you want your children to be comfortable with the daycare staff or agency. Maybe you think someone young would work best for your children. Maybe you'd like someone older who has had her own children and speaks from experience. Maybe you want a nanny type who will be a big part of your family. Or maybe you'd like a man to help with your son, rather than a female. Whatever your daycare or childcare needs are, you can get them met.

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What if your children are having trouble with your divorce?

  • Leaving a child with a sitter or putting him/her in a new situation too soon can leave a child feeling abandoned. However, most divorced parents know that they can't have their child with them 24 hours a day. So, some separation anxiety would be normal in the beginning, and some is not.

  • If you think your child is experiencing too much anxiety, you may also want to try a program designed to help children overcome their fears from separation anxiety, called Turnaround. We have used it, and I've found it a really good supplement to the calming things we've tried.

  • If there is a big rift between the sitter's personality and your child's: Try to change the situation. Some individual people are not as "flexible" as others, and can come off rigid or too controlling to a child. Let your child guide you. You want your child's behavior to be great, not get worse, after your divorce.

  • If you can make a list of your child's specific needs and find a caregiver to provide that, then you will be golden. Try to be as clear about what your child needs as you can so you can be matched with a person with enough experience to actually help you right from the beginning. Kids from divorced families need extra love and attention at times, and a caregiver to provide that when mom or dad isn't there.

  • Assure your child about the times you'll be gone and what you'll be doing. Make sure you explain that as soon as you get back, you'll do something good with your child!

  • Make sure you plan the sitter's time carefully, to avoid your child being left for naps or bedtime if your child isn't ready for that yet.

Financially, daycare, childcare, babysitters, and nannys have always been a big expense for families. Many families choose to have grandmom or grandpop babysit rather than pay someone else. Some women can even work in bartering with a friend. This usually works great when you are friendly with your children's friend's parents, then swapping hours or weekends is no problem.

You may also find individual families who babysit in their homes for one or many younger children. This is really nice, and something I've done in the past. It allowed me to stay home with my daughter, but make a few dollars watching someone else's child. Whether you would consider opening your home in this way is up to you, it may afford you time with your child and some income!

If you would like to work from home in this way, you can save some money while still spending time with your own children. You can post ads locally to find clients, but working with an agency is a much safer bet. offers babysitters fair wages! If you want to try this, they have a pay widget set up to show you what you could make. Job seeking and basic searches are free, so it really can't hurt to sign up!

Why I Like for Daycare, Childcare, Babysitter, and Nanny Services

I've looked online for babysitter referral services. The best choice I've found for daycare, childcare, babysitters, and nanny help has been because of the following reasons:

  • offers babysitters and nannys.

  • They provide flexible options, such as Part-time, Full-time, Nights, Weekends, and Summers for sitters matched with families.

  • They do background checks on their caregivers. There are a few levels of checking, though. Membership prices include basic background checks, but there are higher rates for more checking. Individuals must always use their judgment anyhow, but this seems to be a good system. And the checks vary from state to state.

  • is rated highly with the BBB, with an A rating.
  • is so popular now, that Facebook is encouraging it's employees to use it, and they have a special program set up for employees to benefit from it.

  • They offer special needs care, senior care, tutoring, petsitting, and housecleaning also.

  • They offer discounts to military families.

Again, this is the best service I could find when you decide to use a daycare, childcare, babysitter, or nanny.

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Nolo is one great source for online and legal information for DIYers. This particular book covers many IRS topics that may be a concern to parents that are using a daycare and wish to receive a portion back from the IRS. Plus, you'll need to know about which spouse claims which children each tax year, Earned Income Credit, and lots of other important details.

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