Collaborative Divorce

More structured than mediation, Collaborative Divorce is a newer concept in the world of divorce. In this arrangement, the divorcing spouses each choose an attorney who is trained in "collaboration" to reach a fair agreement. The spouses each agree to settle their differences among themselves and the collaborative divorce attorneys. The attorneys have the spouses sign a "No Court Agreement". If either party decides to use the courts to decide, then he/she must find a different attorney.

This process, like mediation, is used when the parties wish to solve the problems as amicably as possible. However, if finances are complicated, it is good to have an attorney representing the case. So, CD is more structured than mediation, yet, has some flexibility in it.

Benefits of a Collaborative Divorce

Custody, Holiday, and Visitation Plans everyone can agree on!

  1. Lower Costs than extended litigation. There is usually a range of hours that this process would take, from 5-20 hours, and at $250/hr, that would be about $1,250 for 5 hours per spouse.
  2. Attorneys have the expertise to help make decisions with you. The attorneys have been trained in this particular area of law and understand your need for coming to an agreement quickly. They will help you to cover all of your concerns without having an advesarial nature.This is better than mediation for many folks who have assets that one or both spouses need divided fairly (ex.--an inheritance--you would need to know the law!)
  3. Flexibility--You can have more of what you would like (ideally) because you are taking into account your personal views, needs, and desires. The judge is not deciding for you and lumping you with the exact same package that thousands of others have received this month.
  4. Peace of Mind--You can feel better knowing that you have more control of your divorce process when you work collaboratively.

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