Deadbeat Dad

It's a sad story. You know they are out there. Deadbeat Dads are permeating the globe. They father children, leave, and don't pay. The law has difficulty finding them. But what can be done so that the mother can get some relief, and the children can have a relationship with their father if that is good for them?

The short answer is this: sometimes, we must just accept that the deadbeat dad is simply not going to be in his child's life or pay to support the children. And sometimes that is better than having him around. A trade off, so to speak!

Think of it this way, would you rather have an alcoholic, non-working man come around to pick up his children, when he is generally not in control of himself enough to care for his children? Every deadbeat dad is different, however, there are plenty of really wealthy dads who won't fulfill their obligations to their children either.

Or is it better sometimes to let the deadbeat dad go, to fade into whatever he wants to fade into? Or is it better to push the legal system into forcing these deadbeat dads into action? Many of the real deadbeat dads make less than $10,000 a year, so it's not much use trying to get money from them.

There are a few ways the courts can do this, but they will only do so after the mom has petitioned the court (sometimes multiple times):

  • Revoking his license,

  • Garnishing his wages,

  • Fining him (which won't help if he's broke),

  • Putting him in jail.

Although this is a somewhat philosophical topic, there are plenty of readers out there who would like to see some real meat. In that case, the truth hurts, because the law can do a lot of things to a dad who doesn't wish to pay, but not much helps! See my articles in the child support series for information on child support enforcement, back child support, and child support recovery.

Recently, I came across this interesting service. For a very minimal fee of $10-15, you can obtain information about where a person might be located. This info is especially helpful if you are going to get a child support order in place or wish to serve papers concerning this non-payment of child support.

Some PeopleFinder services are free also...The service is called, and I am so glad I've found it. It's useful for finding lots of folks, checking your neighborhood for those nasty sex offenders, but also for just finding someone you've "lost" touch with, and that may verywell be your ex.

We'll help you find anyone, anywhere. Try a People Search today!

If this has happened to you, you may wish to try this service, as law enforcement can't possibly spend hours finding every parent who doesn't wish to pay and is trying to hide. has a BBB rating of A, terrific, so you can trust that your time and money will be well spent if this is a service you need.

Unfortunately, men are only seen as money makers in our society, however, women have taken hits to raise children that are never repaid either. Custodial parents, no matter which gender, make sure you file for child support so that you can begin receiving some of the money you are due. This link is the government's link, and the only one you'll need. Go to ACF now to file for child support.

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