Children and Divorce

Children and Divorce don't usually go well together. It will be a tough transition for the children even if you have an amicable divorce. They may be able to stay in the family home for a specified time period, or maybe you all will move. Financially, that also means less, but that is not the end of the world.

Turnaround: Help for Your Anxious Child

You already know how much your children will need you to be emotionally stable and able to help them as they go through the process of divorce also. You must take care of yourself and them as best as you can.

There are so many things that come up for a parent who is divorcing. Child care, if you have young children, your teen's health, lifestyle issues, family activities, custody, and visitation are all very important. It is good for you to consider these things while you are still legally married. Try to make a list of the things you would like, and try to come to an agreement with your ex. (Rather than allowing a judge to make a biased decision FOR you). Get it in the CIS (Case Information Statement) so it is legal.
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Children and Divorce: Parenting with Anxiety in Children

If your child is suffering from any type of anxiety, I have a great program for you. This one was created with divorce in mind, however, will treat or help with many anxiety issues like OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), separation anxiety, panic, and general fears.

Divorce does create a variety of fears in children. And children want to know that their mom or dad is still going to be there for them. Children wish to maintain relationships with both parents, if that was the norm before the divorce. Children of divorce have a sense that adults let them down--their primary caregivers are letting them down. They need a lot of reassurance that things will be alright.

Children and Divorce: Child Discipline

You may have heard that discipline is a strict form of parenting so that your children follow the rules. This is really not the case! Parenting well means that your children follow the rules--out of love and respect for you. If you are heavy-handed, a yeller, a complainer, chances are: your child will end up a lot like you. Child discipline is a byproduct of handling your child's worst and most frustrating behaviors with love. There is much information about this in Doctor William Sears' books.

Children are most likely to listen to you and follow your rules when you have made them feel terrific. Then, they will want to please you more! If you say, "No," too much to children of any age, the child will want to reject your position more often. So, say, "Yes," to as much as you can...

Just changing the way you say certain things can make a big difference!

  • Yes, you may climb here, where it's safer, but not there.

  • Yes, you may eat this because it's good for you, but that is a treat that you can have another time.

  • Yes, try that your own way. Does it work? If not, try this.

  • Mommy/Daddy really loves you and doesn't want you to get hurt. Come off the couch and play hide and seek with me.

So, saying things in a loving way and at the right time and following through shows the child that you care. This provides a foundation for the child to always remember and listen to the care you've already given. The child will build on that and care for him/herself after you have cared for him/her.

Children and Divorce: Give Your Children the Benefits of Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is a concept made popular by Daniel Goleman, Ph.D. Basically, if you prepare children to view the world with the "correct" emotions, then they are healthier.

My friend, Helen, has created a site to help you understand emotional intelligence and how it can help you and your children communicate better, cope, and solve problems. Learn About Helping Your Child Deal with the Stress of a Divorce situation by developing their emotional intelligence.

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