Child Support Recovery

Child Support Recovery: This page will show you how to recover back child support, called arrears, if your situation permits. What are child support arrears, though? You must have a court ordered child support agreement in effect for the state agency to actually collect payments from the non-custodial parent (the one who is supposed to pay), otherwise, there is no recovery due.

If you want to file your initial paperwork for child support, go to the government's website at ACF to begin the paperwork now. It's important for all families to function well, especially financially, when there are children to feed. Using a QDRO to Help With Child Support Recovery--The Little Known Secret

If your ex owes you in child support or alimony, and if your ex has a pension or a 401K plan, you may want to consider using a QDRO to garner the money owed you. Petition the courts for the back child support by filing a motion. Ask the judge to give you the owed money using a QDRO. See my page about QDROs.

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