Child Support Enforcement

Child Support Enforcement Info for average people:

First and foremost, if you have not filed for child support, and plan to have an ongoing relationship with the child's father (usually father), then do so immediately. It's easy and fast and you can do it from your computer for most situations following the government's link.

Second, there are a host of things the law can do to impose upon a parent to pay his child support, but they don't all work in every situation. Some guys find their way around it, or the legal system doesn't pressure the guy enough or early enough.

The system can go something like this:

  • The custodial parent, usually the mother, petitions the court to enforce the child support order. This alerts the court that there is a problem.

  • The courts may not do anything. They could order the non-custodial parent to pay a small fine, which helps the courts, but does nothing to put the much needed money into the hands of the parent who needs it.

  • Another petition (usually)and the courts may order that the non-custodial parent cannot drive, and revokes his license. That's a big hit for guys who really NEED their licenses, but to many, it's a small deterrent.

  • Unfortunately, many custodial parents have to petition the courts multiple times, and many do not get results from child support enforcement agencies. This could also be true for the non-custodial parents who are self-employed, because some states don't require them to garnish their wages for child support orders, as their wages can change from week to week. This puts the father in charge of sending a physical check to the state for his ex, and many guys have a hard time writing that check!

  • More wage garnishing could happen to catch a father up,

  • By far the most important thing a custodial parent CAN DO to get child support enforcement, is to petition the court to order a QDRO. This would take the owed money out of his pension or 401k plan. Most women don't know that they could do this though!

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