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CareOne Credit stands out for debt management programs. They are highly rated with the BBB, and offer a money back guarantee. I've called and played dumb to find out how they treat customers, and when I get the reps on the phone, they tell me that they will help me on a sliding scale. And if they don't think it's a good idea to take my case, they will say, "No," and refer me elsewhere.

There are quite a few ways to get help these days, and debt is a BIG BUSINESS. Here's why it's best to take control of your own debts, and/or advise your soon-to-be-ex to also:

  • As I frequently must say on this site, if you don't take control of your finances, someone else will. It is best for a couple to sit down and discuss which debts will go to whom. If you have joint accounts, you are simply both equally responsible. This hurts!! Especially when one party has run up bills for the other. If the debt is a "typical" situation, then you might want to consider getting into a debt management plan together, and sooner, rather than later. I say this because the debt is just going to keep accruing.

  • All of the creditors will begin contacting both joint account holders, and it is legal for them to do so. It doesn't feel good to have creditors calling you every few minutes on the phone.

  • CareOne Credit has many programs available to help you with your debt, from smaller amounts of debt (debt management), to larger amounts (debt settlement or bankruptcy). There is a wealth of information on the Careone website. Make sure you educate yourself about their programs and begin to manage your money in a smarter way. This is a resource you do not want to miss!

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