Can We Agree to a Different Child Support Amount than the Guideline? Uncontested divorce

by John

In Kansas when filing an uncontested divorce, do you have to follow the child support guidelines or can me and my wife come to an agreement so that I can still afford everything?

Real-Divorce Comments:
Dear John,
In any state, you can come to an agreement ahead of time to any child support amount, as long as it can be proven that the child will have enough.

For instance, if two parents get divorced, they can each move to a smaller residence, like an apartment, and each will most likely work. It will still be hard on BOTH households.

The child support guidelines is set up for a reason--to ensure that the child is cared for financially by both parents. If your soon to be ex is making enough money, she may agree to accepting less child support. But most women would not accept that, because frankly, most women do make less than men and work less hours than men (due to taking care of children). It's a hip idea though!

Make sure you visit the Child Support section to find out more about this important topic, how child support is awarded, and what circumstances could require paying more or less child support in the future.

Budgeting becomes paramount when divorcing--you will need to find ways to save on everything. Find tips for your financial concerns in the Divorce and Finances section. Like saving money on utilities, food, gas, and lots of important items.

Best of luck to you!

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