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California Divorce Paperwork: What you need to know before you make any big decisions! Find out about:

  • If an uncontested divorce is right for you, access Online Divorce Information in California.
  • Use the Real-Divorce Forums to ask your questions to other readers.
  • Get free California Divorce Lawyers Information, so you can ask your questions directly, or get free consults.
  • Find free resources.
Also, use the R-D sitemap to read lots of articles pertinent to your case, such as:

This should help you with the majority of your questions and issues that will arise as you are dealing with your California Divorce Paperwork.

Using California Divorce Forms Online

There are only five companies that would be good choices for doing your own legal documents (and you can read reviews here!), based on customer satisfaction, support, price, ease of use, and money back guarantees. Make sure you understand the Divorce Law California, and then proceed with using an online divorce if you like the idea of having attorney prepared documents and great rates. I've checked out hundreds of companies now, and only recommend a few because of the good qualities they offer to people who are divorcing.

  • Rocketlawyer is a great option, it's completely Do-it-Yourself, but you'll still get great results, and for only $8 a month if you buy the yearly plan. You can do all your documents for that price, and have the option to get discounted legal services if you later decide you want it.

  • Legalzoom is available in California, and for a flat fee, you can do your divorce and most or all of your related documents, however, they do the documents FOR YOU.

  • offers a Do-it-Yourself divorce demo, if you like it, you pay a flat fee, and also gain access to lots of ebooks, and mediation services for anything you and your ex might be stuck on. This benefit alone is well worth the price!

  • US Legal Forms gives you a flat fee per document, but is a well-trusted company.

Divorce Forums

Access our Divorce Forums now to obtain some answers or get some perspective on your situation, or get ideas for your California divorce paperwork.

Free California Divorce Lawyers Info

Even though this site is about the divorce process and focuses on the majority of divorces, which are uncontested, I still advocate that anyone going through a divorce receive some real legal help through attorneys. You should get free consults to get your questions answered, and use the following AVVO link to post your Divorce Law California questions. You will see that very good attorneys will respond to your questions and give you some direction.

After doing that, I also would find local and qualified lawyers in my area, by using Legal Match, another company with great ratings for matching clients with attorneys.

Free Resources and California Child Support Calculator and Info is a great free resource to help low to moderate income individuals with their divorce, and you can ask specific questions concerning divorce law California.

It is never too early to file for child support, so you can do that before you file your California divorce paperwork. Don't go without the benefits your child may need! The ACF is the main website for child support services, and you can access the California child support information there, file online, and start receiving benefits (if that is approved).

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