Budget Ideas for Your Downsizing Due to Divorce

OK, you may want to skip to my other finances page to see the most important budget cuts for anyone's family.

Beyond that, let's consider BUYING and SELLING options, and SAVING and SPENDING options, that may make sense for you and your new budget.

Buying-- *Buy generic brands, *Buy bulk, *Buy using coupons, *Buy in a coop or club.

Do not buy anything you don't really need or plan to use in the near future. For example--your toddler will need a booster seat, but they are extremely easy to find for free and in good condition. Wait and try consignment, garage sales, or freecycle.
Save money on GAS, by visiting GasBuddy.com and finding the lowest gas prices in your area.

Make a plan for what you can spend on food every week, and put that amount in the food envelope. Do the same for the other bills, and leave the luxury items off for a while. (you can't afford to spend unwisely until you know more about your up and coming situation).
Save on electricy and gas. No matter where you live, you can reduce your energy costs, and you can tell your ex to reduce his/hers also, by switching energy providers. It is free, to switch, you just type in your account numbers, and it's easy. This referral program also allows you to pass the information onto others, which could also make you some much needed income right now.

Use the following link:Go to www.kachange.com to begin saving right away on energy fees and utility bills. No hidden fees, just two minutes to sign up.

Make your own laundry soaps, dishwashing soaps, anything you can think of. It's really a LOT cheaper, works well, is better for the environment, and is healthier.

Photos--You still need photos even though you are divorcing! And, you'll be sorry later if you don't take them or lose the photos, so hurry up! Snapfish.com is just about the best deal out there for photos, so follow this offer to 9 cent photos, and pick them up at a retail store that's convenient for you.
New Low Price - 9 Cent Prints everyday at Snapfish!

Make more food home made, not from boxes. It will most likely taste better, be cheaper, and be healthier for you, all while creating cozy memories for your children if you have them. Think about homemade baked ziti, salads, cookies, wraps. They are so much tastier when made from scratch, and they are healthy choices for all.

A note on time--making more to freeze for later usually takes less time per meal. Pasta dishes, rice dishes, and soups are good options to save time.
Get outside, get exercise, go to the playground--outside activities together are also budget activities. So what if most people pay $100 on movies--you don't have to have cable (not to mention the influence it may have on your family's values when life is hard enough), and you don't have to rent every newest movie.

You are going to have to say, "No," to some of the things you and your children want. Get used to it. You are changing your lifestyle, and it's important to keep within the budget. Start using cash instead of credit--there is no mistaking how much you have then.

When you stay in your budget, you are less likely to feel lousy about money (which is in the forefront of your mind when you are getting divorced). When you pay cash, you know the transaction is done, and you are free.

When you live on credit and owe a lot, you may want to consider switching to a debit card, looking at bankruptcy options, and ways to consolidate debt.

Selling: You may want to consider selling some of your personal property to pay for a bill or to buy your groceries. Or, maybe you'd like to begin selling something regularly to pay that bill. It's been done, so go ahead and try. Find a niche in the marketplace and earn an income!

Software ProgramsThat May Help You Stay On Budget

You have probably heard of lots of financial software programs that claim to be terrific for personal budgeting. If you would like to change your spending into savings, there are a few programs to help you. Whether you have debt or are already saving, this program most likely will be able to streamline your financial picture.

Mint.com is the site for this!

  • Mint.com is FREE.
  • It offers the budgeting information you are looking for.
  • It allows you to access your accounts to retrieve REAL information, not made up numbers.

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