Debt Help

You have debt from your marriage, and you need debt help.

Make a list of your assets and liabilities, and get ready for serious thinking and getting answers to big questions. You should be looking for the Property Settlement Agreement, Case Information Statement, or Marital Property Agreement, and begin filling it out.

Are you thousands in the hole? Are you going to foreclose on your home? Are you no longer able to make your payments on time or in full? Are you laid off or may be soon?

Bankruptcy may be an option that will be a welcome relief, but read more about it before you decide.

How able are you to make a full income, or one that you are capable of? If you are a father, it is most likely you'll be paying child support to your ex, and there is no way around that ethically. There are safetys in place so that if you get laid off, the courts still charge you per month.

If you are the female and you want to be a stay at home mom, wake up!! It would be difficult to maintain that style of living for long without being independently wealthy. So, get ready for the fact that the court most likely will impute an income for you--meaning, if you were a clerk making $22,000 a year, you'll be expected to make that much to provide for your children--for child support calculations. So, I am not taking sides, just stating this plainly. It depends on what state you live in, but if you want more than 50-50 when the gavel strikes, you're probably going to have to contest your divorce. That will eat up any savings you may have. Weigh the options--is hiring an attorney, which could cost thousands of dollars, worth the while?

What Next?

If you are newly separated, you may not want to begin to work part time yet, but start looking for ways to hold onto your values (and what you think is important for your children), start an online business, or create an income stream from home. If you want to and are ready to work full time, do that also, but I know many moms want to be home with their children.

Debt Help: Back to the point--be aware of what your income is, plan your spending realistically, and begin to pay down what ever your debt is if that is reasonable. It actually may work against you to pay down your debt if you are going to file for bankruptcy, so you should get a free consult from an attorney immediately to find out if this is your situation. Some attorneys would advise that the client stop paying the credit card bills because they are just going to be discharged in the bankruptcy.

Debt consolidation may be helpful so that you have one payment each month, and debt counseling may be right for a person who must look at all the options. More info on that soon!

For now, if you Need a Divorce Lawyer?this link to may be helpful.

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