Are you researching attorneys? Have you decided that you'd like legal representation for your divorce? This page will educate you about the ways and reasons to use legal help so that you can get the most out of your money. You can find a counselor or ask your questions right on this page. Any information I give you is rated highly with the Better Business Bureau.

When you investigate your options:

  • Get as many free consults from a few different counselors, in order to get your main questions answered about your particular situation. You will learn about the law and the lawyer's personality; you can later decide if/whom you would like to use.

  • Trust LegalMatch to find you the RIGHT Lawyer!

  • The following Ask a Lawyer box is totally FREE! I am happy to offer this to readers, and have searched for useful tools for you to assist you in your divorce. You must give some personal information to ask a question, but you will NOT be asked for your credit card information. That is important to me! The attorneys are helpful, and there are hundreds and thousands online using this network all the time.

  • Try to obtain legal help in the county you live in when you file, because you will need to pay the attorney's fees related to travel time/expenses also.

  • Need a Divorce Lawyer?

  • I encourage readers to get as many consults as they can for free, and ask as many questions as you have for free! There are so many good professionals and everyday people who have a wealth of knowledge, and are willing to share it. The previous link will take you to a professional site where attorneys can help you.

  • Word of mouth--find a recommendation based on friends/family.

  • Do you wish to use legal help for the entire divorce process, or would you like the him/her to unbundle the services and bill you for parts? For instance, he may charge you for preparing your documents to file in court, but not represent you in court.

  • Consider using an online divorce if you are going to have an uncontested divorce--this is an easier option for most people, much less expensive than using an attorney to prepare the documents, but thorough and accepted by the courts in every state.

    Some online divorce companies offer paperwork that has been written by and/or reviewed by attorneys, such as US Legal Forms, so you may wish to see if US Legal Forms can help you.

  • What is the retainer fee for a divorce? Fees range, but usually start at $5,000.

  • Would he/she reduce the fee if you mediate? Mine did, from $5,000 to $2,500.

Is the legal help "good" if he/she gets you every cent you think you are owed? Or is it something more?

Is there a mental cost on those that stay in an overly dramatized divorce going back and forth to nowhere?

So, when you choose who will represent you in court or do your paperwork, make sure you are choosing a counselor that will help you with streamlining the process, NOT extending YOUR timeline to fill up his wallet!

Alternatives: Mediation or Collaborative Divorce

If you think you'd like to try mediation or a collaborative divorce, read about the benefits here.

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Disclaimer: The information on this site is for educational purposes only. It is not legal advice and may not apply to your situation. I take the time to gather the best information to those going through divorce, and offer a place for readers to learn, get support and fantastic resources, and find applicable products that are a good fit for them. You can support this site by purchasing high quality products or services from the sponsors I link to.

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