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Attachment Parenting is a movement that bonds families together. It can be done by one or both parents, and any caregivers or family members as well. AP is promoted by Dr. William Sears, and has been a Godsend in my own life. It's a way of parenting that attaches children first to mother (through nursing and gentle baby wearing), and then to all others surrounding him/her. Basically, if you listen to what your baby needs and provide it lovingly, baby will be happy most of the time. When baby isn't happy, Mom should be concerned enough to find out what's wrong and fix it, out of respect and love for the child. This is how children learn to trust others--by being cared for.

There are a host of great resources I've used, and I'd like to share them with Real-Divorce readers, because I know how hard it is to attempt to be a good parent, but then have your world turned upside down by divorce. Divorce changes a parent's normal everyday reactions, and parents need many options to deal with all of the potential issues that come up.

Attachment Parenting International is the organization that offers support groups for this type of parenting. They also have a great website with lots of useful information to help you along on your parenting journey. Whether you are a mother or a father, you will want to read about why nurturing your child with sensitivity will help your relationship now and in the future.

Other Useful Attachment Parenting Resources

The Natural Child Project is an interesting collection of Attachment Parenting articles and resources. Jan Hunt offers counseling by phone for those who are able.

La Leche International is a mother-to-mother breastfeeding support network with chapters in most towns nationwide. The reason why women need this is because most mothers don't pass down this type of "natural" knowledge anymore. Women must educate themselves by learning from others who have done this. It would be much better for women to learn from other women concerning breastfeeding, as in my opinion, moms know more than doctors. Going to the doctor for breastfeeding advice can be catastrophic, because oftentimes, women are advised to discontinue nursing their babies, for a variety of reasons. So, it is my belief that women must seek out this type of network to learn this. This organization is only open to pregnant moms and nursing moms. Most La Leche groups welcome toddlers also, but by the time older nurslings are older, API or Holistic Moms may be better choices.

Holistic Moms is a good network of women, dads, and family members and caregivers, growing around the world. Holistic may mean a large number of things, with some families eating organic, some nursing their babies, some co-sleeping, some positive parenting or Attachment Parenting, some not vaccinating, some vegetarian, etc...But there is a lot to learn from this group also, so if you think you want more information, give them a try. (I helped to start two groups in NJ). This group is open to any family members.

Just for Dads

An awesome AP blog run by a father with 3 children.

Real Divorce Recommends:

Keeping things as amicable as possible between spouses, and AP parents should know how much arguing will affect children.

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