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The Arizona Divorce Forms you use will be one of the most important decisions you make. You can obtain accurate and free information by visiting your law library and asking a clerk for the forms to copy (well, you have to pay for copies!), going to your local library in the resource section for this info, and consulting the American Bar Association books about how to handle divorce.

Do not fall victim to the claims about who should get what! Get the real deal. Read about Property Division, Grounds for Divorce, Uncontested rather than Contested Divorce, and Online Divorce Reviews now and save yourself a load of time and money.

The rest of this page is about how to get your questions answered by using either a qualified attorney, who would know Arizona Divorce Law, or the divorce forums, and information about online divorce paperwork (which I highly recommend because now it is so easy and inexpensive). You can plan divorce and create your Arizona Divorce Forms well by using these resources.

Finding an Arizona Divorce Attorney--and Get Consults for FREE!

A free and easy way to find out about what the local divorce attorneys in Arizona would say, is to post your question to AVVO. Qualified attorneys will respond on Avvo, and you can choose to receive an email each time your question is answered. I have had great results with this myself, and have used it for my personal life many times. Each time, I am happy that this free service exists, because I don't want to pay attorneys high fees to ask questions!

Just go to

and see for yourself.

Arizona Divorce Forms Online

Once you know exactly what the Arizona Divorce Law is for your particular situation, you can decide how to file. In order to find out about Arizona Divorce Forms, you just have to gather your documents and decide if an uncontested divorce would be right for you. Using an Online Divorce service to help you is a great choice, compared to attorney fees.

On a side note, I thought in the beginning of my divorce (and I considered myself a middle-class person with enough money) that I would use an attorney. However, as time went on, and I paid a mediator and an attorney (10 hours only), I found out that my questions could have been answered if I'd just done the research myself. So, that is why I offer this information here.

My goal is that you will make your own educated decision. If you decide to have a more peaceful divorce that could potentially allow you to keep more of your money or part with it gracefully, then GREAT. I guess that's the good news. The information I am providing here is free, however, I have spent many hours finding the best companies to offer online divorce products. Thank you for using my links here to keep helping others!

My three favorites for online divorces are Rocketlawyer, Legalzoom, and 3stepdivorce. Each one consults Arizona Divorce Law before giving you your Arizona Divorce Forms. I'll explain briefly why I think they are superior here, and you can read more about each in the Online Divorce Reviews section.

  • First, Rocketlawyer is a DIY (do it yourself) legal plan that allows anyone to purchase a membership and type up their own legal documents. There is support from Rocketlawyer, so you still won't be all alone, and the price is sooooooo inexpensive, that I would never consider doing my own divorce completely solo with prices so low. You can also access all the other documents you'll need, like wills, living wills, property settlement agreement, custody arrangements, and name change, all included in that low price.

  • Next, Legalzoom offers the divorce documents, but does them for a flat fee of about $299. This price includes the above mentioned documents or most of them, but THEY type them for you. You just submit a questionnaire, they do all the work.

  • Third, is sort of a combination of the other two. It's DIY, but there's more support, and you can easily try their demo and see for yourself how professional the documents will look. They give you 40+ ebooks about divorce concerns, and they also will include some mediation for their price. So, if you and your ex are still negotiating on one particular topic, you can ask 3StepDivorce to mediate with you. That's a great price for this service, and they let you pay in two installments.

Divorce Forums

You can enter your questions about Arizona Divorce Forms or anything at all, in any of our Divorce Forums quickly and easily. They are set up without a login or a password required, so you can read the questions and comments without a big commitment, but can get responses emailed to you.

Try one today!

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