All it Took was 25 Minutes

by Cheryl

My second divorce occurred in New Mexico. My husband had agreed to the divorce and before he left I had him sign the papers (found on the internet) and had them notarized.

Two weeks later, I walked into the Santa Fe Courthouse and handed my papers to the clerk. Paid the fee to file the papers, and then walked them across the hall to the judge's office.

There I handed them to his assistant, who walked out of the room with them. It took about about 10 minutes and he walked back in and handed me back that papers.

I don't remember if I had to take them somewhere else, but within minutes I was walking out the door and to my car. I'd been there only 25 minutes. Why? No property. No kids. No contest.

Big relief!

Real-Divorce Comments:
Dear Cheryl,
Yes, it sounds like since you had some understanding about how the divorce process works, you had an easier time than most with keeping it real for your second divorce. An uncontested divorce is a reasonable option for many and most people. Typically, only the couples earning the top ten percent will be able to afford divorce attorneys.

So, what are the rest of us to do?

Like you, many couples CAN benefit from negotiating their own terms, their property settlement agreement and child custody agreement, before their divorce hearing. Both spouses can feel better about the final results if they are part of the compromise.

No one likes to be told what to do, and when couples get to court without having discussed important matters, it really hurts to hear the final judgement--for both parties! Better to save your money for your new life than blow it paying legal fees for a contested divorce and maybe not "winning".

Anyone who needs it--See our Online Divorce Reviews page to find some great companies to help you with your divorce paperwork. Thanks for posting about how easy it was for you to complete your divorce forms.

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